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COVID-19 Update: Patient Information

Above everything, your health and wellbeing is our absolute priority


As a result of the NHS responding to the coronavirus pandemic, you may have waited longer than normal for your diabetic eye screen. It is important that you now attend your screening test. Delaying your screening further may put you at increased risk of developing diabetic retinopathy (eye disease or sight loss).

During lockdown, we only screened those people with diabetes who were at high risk i.e. pregnant ladies or some of those in 3 or 6 month recall. Moving forward we will be starting to screen people with diabetes in a phased order.

  1. If you are pregnant, under digital surveillance, newly diagnosed, had background retinopathy at last appointment (R1M0) or Did Not Attend your last appointment then you will be invited over the next few weeks and months.
  2. If at your last appointment you had no retinopathy or maculopathy (R0M0) then you are at much lower risk and we will invite you for screening throughout 2021 and into 2022.


When attending your appointment, we have taken a number of practical steps to ensure patient and staff safety:


Booking Appointments and Pre-Screening

When re-booking an appointment or a few days before your appointment, a member of our team check that neither yourself or anyone in your household are self-isolating or displaying COVID-19 symptoms, as outlined at: Anyone who answers ‘Yes’ to possible symptoms will have their appointment rebooked after their isolation period, if they are well enough. Please DO NOT attend your appointment.

  Your appointment letter will now include an additional advice sheet, please click on icon or this link to view.


Arriving at our Venue

Arriving by Public Transport

Please follow government guidance when travelling to your appointment by public transport at

Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn when attending your appointment, in line with government guidance. Please bring your own if possible, if not the Screener can provide one for you. For advice on how to wear and make a face covering, visit

At your Appointment

We have taken steps to make sure that all of our patients and staff are kept safe while attending appointments but please be aware that your appointment may not be at your normal venue and may take longer than usual.

Please wait outside the venue or in your vehicle. The Screener will call your mobile phone when they are ready to start your appointment and will greet you at the door. They will ask the same COVID-19 related symptom questions regarding your health. Anyone who answers ‘Yes’ to possible symptoms will be asked to leave and their appointment will be rebooked after their isolation period if they are well enough.

If you are well and answer ‘No’ to possible symptoms, the Screener will ask you to put on your face covering if not already worn, use hand sanitiser gel and then guide you to the clinic room following strict social distancing guidelines.

The Screener will be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes an apron, gloves, mask and visor. All the equipment and room undergo rigorous cleaning between patients and at the beginning and start of each day including the camera that has been fitted with a perspex screen.

Whilst the tropicamide drops dilate your pupils, you will not be asked to wait in the waiting room as has happened previously, you will stay within the clinic room with the Screener.

PPE from Ian Walmsley on Vimeo.


Here to Support you

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Survey and Feedback

We surveyed a number of people who attended their appointment during May and early June 2020 to check – did they feel safe? 

99.5% said they felt safe attending screening

Here are a few snippets of feedback we received:

Not intimidating with all the PPE, apart from the screen on the camera. Everything ran very smoothly, and the lady were brilliant, very professional- made me feel very comfortable and a credit to the service.”

“The fact I stayed in clinic while drops worked was good as it gave me time to ask questions.”

“I was very happy with how Screener was keeping me safe and distancing, happy with service.”

“Best appointment I have had to date, was straight in and just me there.”


If you need any further reassurance or have any questions, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable Bookings Team on 01305 898 600

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